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A wide selection of different cosmetics, massages and wellness offers make your wellness holiday at the Hotel Alpenrose complete.

Our wellness team is very well booked, which is why we advise our guests to book early. Of course, it is also possible to book wellness treatments at short notice. Please note that we can only offer this based on availability.

From classic to Ayurvedic massages, Lomi Lomi Nui, sensual body wraps, foot care, manicures, eyelash lifting and soothing facial treatments of the classic type or with our Aqua Facial, we can cater to all your wishes.

We look forward to pampering you!

Your Alpenrosen Spa team

Fabien - Spa management, dermo beautician & med. Foot care

Foto Fabien

- Passed master's degree in foot care
- Nail prosthetics, nail clip
- Facial treatments
- Green Peel Dr Schrammek, Hydrafacial 1000
- Ultrasonic treatment, radio frequency
- Light therapy, Oxygen Jet
- Eyelash lifting
- makeup artist
- Manicure
- gel polish
- Body wraps
- Baths

Anita - med. Masseuse

Foto Anita

- Cupping massage
- Lymphatic drainage
- Lomi Lomi Nui
- Ayurveda
- Foot reflexology massage
- Classic massage
- Marnitz therapy
- Connective tissue massage
- Body wraps
- Baths

Iva – Massage & Cosmetics

Hotel Alpenrose Foto Daniel

- Alpine rose massage
- Classic full body massage
- Classic back massage
- Partial body massage
- Aroma oil massage
- Mountain Stone
- Massage, sports massage
- Cellulite massage
- Body wraps
- Baths
- Facial treatments

Our wellness offer for you!

Pure, simple and sophisticated. After all, it is in paring back that genuine luxury comes into its own: more space and time. Living, local woods and granite – messengers of traditional, past times. These natural materials from our mountains, characterised by rugged nature and its elements, create the outer frame for our Alpine SPA.



Treatment Description Price
"Alpenrosen" massage Special back massage combined with a moor pack. Moor contains precious trace elements that ease tension, alleviate pain and promote the circulation. (Approx. 50 mins) € 88,00
Classic full body massage approx. 50 mins. € 84,00
Classic back massage approx. 25 min. € 49,00
Partial body massage A treat for body and soul, e.g. leg massage or head and face massage, ... (approx. 25 min) € 49,00
Massage mix Composition of two massages. E.g. foot reflex zone massage and back/neck/shoulder massage, or foot reflex zone massage and head/face/neck massage.(approx. 50 mins) € 87,00
Breuss Massage This energetic back massage gently eases mental and physical blockades, alleviates, elongates and stretches the muscles along the spinal column, initiating regeneration of under-supplied spinal disks. St John’s Wort oil has a calming effect on the nervous system, resulting in a sense of deep relaxation. (approx. 40 mins) € € 73,00
Foot reflex zone massage By massaging different organ-specific reflex zones, your body’s self-healing processes are activated, with your entire metabolism stimulated. (approx. 40 mins) € 67,00
Aromatherapy oil relaxation massage Full body massage with finely tuned natural aromatic oils. Has a deeply relaxing effect, reducing stress and lulling the body into a state of inner peace. (approx. 50 minutes) € 86,00
Lymph drainage Body Gentle method to stimulate lymph flow and strengthen the immune system. The treatment enhances micro-circulation and nourishes the tissues with oxygen and other nutrients, thereby activating detoxification (incl. Time to relax afterwards) approx. 50 mins. € 103,00
Lymph drainage Face Gentle method to stimulate lymph flow and strengthen the immune system. The treatment enhances micro-circulation and nourishes the tissues with oxygen and other nutrients, thereby activating detoxification (incl. time to relax afterwards) approx 25 mins. € 52,00
Mountain Stone Massage The hot stone massage is particularly effective against deep-seated tension. It is carried out with warm stones and essential oils. (including rest period) (approx. 50 min) € 112,00
Sports massage Deeply effective massage with arnica oil, for tight calves and weary bones. Oxygen uptake is enhanced, lactic acid removal improved, making the muscles ready to perform again. (approx. 25 mins) € 54,00
Cellulite massage By easing the connective tissue, the lymph system is stimulated and waste products removed. (approx. 30 mins) € 53,00
Lomi Lomi Nui Massage Long, rhythmic grips are used alternately and with targeted deep work. With stretches and joint mobilization we create space in the body and your own energy starts flowing again. € 134,00



Treatment Description Price
Abhyanga This special massage, developed in southern India, is based on the teachings of vital energy points and energy pathways. The body’s energies are harmonised, the metabolism stimulated, toxins processed, the skin becomes soft and radiant. Physical and mental blockades are released. For relaxation and stress reduction. (approx. 70 mins) € 119,00
Mukabhyanga Facial massage for relaxation, skin care and to soothe. With the integrated neck and head massage, tension is eased, the ability to concentrate enhanced and the entire scalp invigorated (incl. relaxation time afterwards). (approx. 30 mins) € 71,00
Padabhyanga Padabhyanga, an Ayurvedic foot massage, is an exceptionally fine and effective massage technique using special grips. The feet, continuing right up to the knee, are stroked then kneaded with warmed oils and revitalised through the integrated Marma treatment. Has a calming and balancing effect for headaches, disturbed sleep and nervousness (incl. relaxation time afterwards). (approx. 30 mins) € 73,00
Uphana Sweda During an Ayurvedic back massage, the back is relieved of pain, tension and blocked energy using special friction techniques on vital points. Packs are used that are anti-inflammatory and calming. Spinal disk and cartilage regeneration is also supported. (approx. 55 mins) € 97,00

Body Packs

Tip: Before every pack we recommend a body exfoliation treatment for a more intensive nutrient uptake.

Body Packs

Treatment Description Price
Full body exfoliation Full body exfoliation gently removes hard skin, providing a soft skin feel and improved active ingredient uptake.(approx. 30 mins) € 42,00
Montafon Hay pack Detoxifying and cleansing. The heat of the healing herbs activates the metabolism, alleviates muscle and joint pain and relieves the pain of osteoarthrosis. (approx. 45 mins) € 62,00
Alpine fango A fango pack with mountain herbs promotes detoxification, skin circulation and alleviates pain thanks to Alpine minerals.(approx. 45 mins) € 65,00
Moisture Intensive moisturising skin care treatment for long-lasting results. Protective extracts of apple, rose hip and hyaluronic acid give your skin an extra hit of moisture, helping it glow. (approx. 25 mins) € 47,00
Anti Ageing Anti-ageing body pack for a youthful complexion and a unique skin feel. Baobab, sea buckthorn and grape provide a tight, smooth skin feel.(approx. 25 mins) € 49,00
Sports and health pack Body pack for a hit of vitality and strength. A combination of arnica and St John’s Wort blossoms nourish the skin and support physical fitness.(approx. 25 mins) € 49,00
Cooling leg wrap Cool wrap for weary legs! Arnica, camphor and menthol help heavy-feeling legs, cellulite, saddle bags, varicose veins and spider veins. Or simply to feel ease in your legs again. (approx. 25 mins) € 49,00

The Classics

The Classics

Treatment Description Price
Alpenrosen facial treatment Don’t know which treatments apply to your skin? Not a problem! We are happy to provide you with bespoke advice and a skin anamnesis to determine the right cosmetic treatment for you. (approx. 90 mins)
Classica – the classic facial treatment · Cleansing & Exfoliation
· Deep cleansing
· Eye brow correction
· Active ingredient concentrate
· Facial, neck & décolleté massage
· Mask & nourishing cream
(approx. 75 mins)
€ 117,00 / with Make Up: € 132,00
Classica small – Familiarisation · Cleansing & Exfoliation
· Eye brow correction
· Active ingredient concentrate
· Mask & nourishing cream
(approx. 50 mins)
€ 98,00
Men’s matters –Skin care for men · Cleansing massage
· Exfoliation
· Deep cleansing
· Special mask
· Skin care cream
(approx. 55 mins)
€ 98,00
High frequency To treat impurities and anti-ageing.(approx. 25 mins) € 38,00
Intensively cleansing facial treatment Skin type specific deep cleansing as per the Team Dr. Joseph method: your skin? Pure and delicate. Your face? Radiant. Your emotions? Clear and energy-packed. Starting with warm herbal steam compresses, a cleansing massage, exfoliation and deep cleansing. Followed by a toning facial pack and day care specifically for your skin. For a visibly fresher complexion and healthy radiance. (approx. 50 mins) € 112,00
Deeply effective beauty care A wonderful natural active ingredient skin care treatment, specifically tailored to suit your skin’s needs – immediately effective – and a deeply relaxing pampering programme, as per the Team Dr. Joseph method: skin diagnostics, lymph stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, exfoliation, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, modulated facial massage, intensive mask and follow-up individual day skin care. With highly effective natural active ingredients for healthy and intensively nourished skin.(approx. 80 mins) € 123,00
Intensive treatment with biodynamic lifting A holistic maximum programme as per the Team Dr. Joseph method. Intensive treatment with biodynamic lifting massage, wholly in keeping with your skin’s needs. Experience a genuinely unique beauty treatment with skin diagnostics, eyebrow shaping, stimulating lymph massage, herbal steam compresses, exfoliation, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, intensive mask and a follow-up bespoke day care treatment, along with stabilisation. High-tech from nature for a long-lasting effect, immediately visible and maximum effect.(approx. 100 mins) € 162,00
Can be booked in addition to a facial treatment Radio frequency € 41,00
Ultrasound € 39,00
Oxygen treatment € 39,00
High frequency €26,00

Exclusive treatments – Team Dr Joseph®

Exclusive treatments – Team Dr Joseph®

Treatment Description Price
Supreme Eye + Face Lift This express facial treatment with Gua Sha massage ensures a visibly tightened eye area and a radiant, fresh complexion in no time. The skin is strengthened and tightened, the elasticity of the eye area is improved, dryness and puffiness are reduced. Ideal for wrinkles, fatigue and puffiness in the eye area for a rosy, fresh, visibly firmer complexion. (approx. 50 minutes) € 110,00
Intense Purifying Face Treatment Ideal for all skin types, this facial treatment offers an intensive deep cleansing that clears your skin in depth without stripping it of moisture or natural oils. Pores appear refined, the tissue is purified and the skin is ideally prepared for active ingredient care. Experience a deep cleansing of the skin for a visibly fresh, cleansed and even complexion. (approx. 50 minutes) € 112,00
Cellular Recreation Face Treatment Natural active ingredient care with an immediate effect for a radiant complexion and healthy, intensively cared for skin. This deeply effective facial treatment with modulated facial massage is tailored to the individual needs of the skin and offers visible results. Highly effective, natural active ingredients for healthy and intensively cared for skin. (approx. 80 minutes) € 126,00
Advanced Bio Lifting Face Treatment This intensive facial treatment with biodynamic lifting massage is tailored to your individual skin needs and ensures an immediately visible effect. The biodynamic massage works in depth and creates a lifting effect that plumps, tightens the skin and reduces fine lines. The skin is moisturized and the complexion appears plump and rosy-fresh. Nature's high-tech for lasting effects, immediate results and maximum effect. (approx. 100 minutes) € 166,00

Medical facials

Medical facials

Green Peel - Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Aqua Facial
The original GREEN PEEL herbal exfoliation treatment is a natural treatment method for skin renewal. A problem solver for impure skin, acne, scarring, sun damage, the signs of ageing or just as a freshen-up, GREEN PEEL helps give you a healthy looking complexion in just 5 days. Skin is often a reflection of our well-being and it therefore says a lot about our life situation. Sun damage, impurities, acne, the signs of ageing, lack of moisture and imperfections. With the 3-phase aqua exfoliation the skin is deeply cleansed, revitalised and enhanced. The Aqua Facial applicators gently remove areas of hard skin and provide the skin with essential vitamins, minerals, fruit acids and hyaluronic acid. After that, various skin conditions are treated using radio frequency, OxygenJet, ultra-sound or by way of ion lifting.
Classic * € 302,00
Energy € 184,00
Freshen up € 149,00
* incl. Home care set and Beauty Finish treatment
Basic (approx. 25 min) € 137,00
Glow (approx. 50 min) € 1564,00
Deluxe (approx. 85 min) € 211,00

Beauty Service

For the eyes

Eyelash lifting (approx. 45 min) € 59,00
Dye eyebrows* (approx. 10 min) € 19,00
Dye eyelashes* (approx. 15 min) € 19,00
Eyebrow correction* (approx. 10 min) € 21,00
* during a facial treatment € 16,00
“Momentary package” eyelashes and eyebrows tinting as well as eyebrow correction (approx. 30 min) € 54,00
Daytime make-up (approx. 20 min) € 42,00
Evening make-up (approx. 40 min) € 55,00
Make-up consultation including daily make-up (approx. 50 min) € 61,00


Solarium (approx. 10 mins) € 9,00


Upper lip (approx. 10 mins) € 21,00
Chin (approx. 15 mins) € 23,00
Upper lip & chin (approx. 20 mins) € 38,00

Hands & Feet

Manicure (approx. 40 min) € 58,00
Pedicure with foot bath (approx. 45 min) € 68,00
Nail brace for ingrown nails (approx. 20 min) € 44,00
Varnish (approx. 15 min) € 10,00
Gel polish (approx. 25 min) € 27,00
Remove gel polish (approx. 15 min) € 17,00
Deluxe manicure (approx. 70 min) € 84,00
(Hand bath, peeling, care, massage, pack, varnish)
Deluxe pedicure (approx. 80 min) € 98,00
(Foot bath, peeling, care, massage, pack, varnish)
Hand or foot pack (approx. 20 min) € 36,00
(peeling & pack / for extremely cracked, dry skin)



‘Empress Sisi’ bath The highly effective aromas of rose are inhaled and transported to the brain via the skin and mucous membranes, where they have a direct effect on the psyche and nervous system.(approx. 20 mins) € 35,00
Honey-Swiss pine bath This beneficial relaxing bath, with precious nutrients from pure honey and the calming strength of Swiss pine essential oil, smooths and regulates moisture, calms and has a positive influence on general well-being. Day after day, this oil can ease your heart’s workload.(approx. 20 mins) € 35,00
Marigold bath Dried marigold petals and mineral rich Alpine salt become one and harmonise. Salt from the depths of the Alps provides your body with hundreds of minerals. € 35,00
Alpine herb bath Alpine herbs contain a high proportion of minerals and are important for the metabolism. An Alpine herb bath boots your circulation, detoxifies and helps with relaxation. € 35,00
Base bath The perfect combination for massage. The base bath is de-acidifying. (approx. 20 min) € 41,00

Surcharge for 2 people: € 5.00

Cool Kids

Cool Kids

Back and arm massage (approx. 25 min.) € 46,00
Cool fingers/toes (approx. 25 min.) € 44,00
Small manicure/pedicure
Hand or foot pack
Treatment (approx. 5 min.) € 34,00
Incl. nail polish (approx. 20 min.) € 39,00
Facial treatment (approx. 45 min.) € 71,00
Active ingredient concentrate
Care cream

Cool Kids

Back & arm massage (approx. 25 mins) € 41,00
Facial treatment to suit the needs of young skin (approx. 50 mins.) € 65,00
Hand or foot pack (approx. 15 mins) € 34,00
Hand or foot pack, incl. polish € 39,00
Cool Finger/Toes Short manicure/pedicure (approx. 25 mins) € 41,00

for children up to the age of 16

Wellness Packages

Wellness Packages
Wellness Packages

An overnight stay combined with wellness treatments at our Alpine SPA - simply feel well. ...

Wellness Products

Wellness Products
Wellness Products

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